Direct Coupled Generator Compressor Combination

Combining direct drive bullet proof Mattei and Hydrovane Compressors with 1800 RPM direct drive generators can give lifespans of 20-40,000 hours.
Simple sliding vane designs use no roller bearings and only require yearly oil and filter changes.
Combine generator sizes of 5 to 50 KW with compressors from 20 to 200 CFM.
No need to tow behind any longer.... you can permanently mount a combination machine on board.
Replace your two machines with one.
Direct Coupling = Smaller - Lighter - More Fuel Efficient

Typical uses:

- Lining and other trenchless technologies    eg; 10KW + 75 to 120CFM
- Spray foam & pollyurea rigs eg; 20KW + 20CFM or 35KW + 35CFM
- Spray epoxy rigs eg; 25KW + 75CFM or 25KW + 100CFM
- Manhole rehabilitation rigs eg; 25KW + 75CFM or 25KW + 100CFM
- Sand blast / epoxy rigs   eg; 25KW + 180CFM

Other combinations available

35 Kw + 75 CFM

25 Kw + 120 CFM (Setup for remote radiator)

20 Kw + 20 CFM


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