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EcoStack 30 LED

The World’s First and Only Stackable Light Tower

Next Generation Power Engineering Inc., a leader in ultra-compact diesel power generation has applied its patented space and fuel saving technology to the light tower industry.  These concepts have been refined over the course of 20 years with thousands of machines still in service in industrial and marine applications.

EcoStack 30 LED, Next Generation latest product is not an existing light tower retrofitted with LED lights.  We have carefully balanced the low power requirements of LED lights to the output and speed of one of the smallest water-cooled Kubota engines ever produced.  This pairing has produced a tower with extremely low fuel consumption while avoiding typical low load issues like “wet stacking” and reduced life span.

Since Next-Gen designed a complete new tower top to bottom it is a feature rich light tower including:  long run time, low fuel consumption, extra ruggedness, more light output, liquid containment, and lighter weight, to name some of its many features.  Some never before seen features, such as stack-ability, greatly reduce shipping, storage and handling costs.  Wide 4-point outriggers provide stability and safety in winds up to 65 mph, while a self-locking linear actuator tilt function make mast operations safer and easy. 

To ensure build quality, service and confidence Next-Gen has partnered with a fortune 500 equipment manufacturer.  This 100+ year old company, well known in the rental industry, has decades of experience building diesel powered electrical machines.  Alpha prototypes are available for evaluation and preordering now.  Production priority is on a first come first serve basis.  First production tower will be available in winter 2018. 

To arrange a demonstration of this remarkable new product please:

Email: sales@nextgenerationpower.com

or Call Gino Kennedy, President of Next Generation Power Engineering Inc at 904-607-3456.


•   Single cylinder 330cc Kubota diesel engine running at peak torque gives maximum fuel efficiency while avoiding wet stack problems.  Matches power requirements of low power consumption LED lights.

•   Radically low fuel consumption of 0.2 gal/hr. (0.7L) cuts fuel costs by up to 60%.  Run time of 190 hrs.  reduces labour cost to service.

•    Stackable design allows for 30 units on flatbed trailer cutting transport and storage costs up to 50%.            
      Perfect for event rentals

•    Instant on to full brightness, LED lighting of 200,000 lumens surpasses most current HID towers.

•    Automatic engine shutdown for low oil pressure and high water temperature

•    Easy access doors make routine maintenance easy even when stacked.  Full opening lid when mast is up   allows unparalleled service access.

•    Four wide telescoping outriggers give stability and wind protection up to 65 mph (105 kmh).

•    Air intake and exhaust ducts prevent moisture and debris infiltration.

•    Complete welded unibody structure gives extreme stackable strength with 110% fluid containment.

•    Heavy gauge steel enclosure protects internals from theft and damage.

•    Electric fuel transfer pump and glow plug preheat give superior cold weather starting.     

•   Collapsible / removable tow bar


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