Marine Generators


Ultra Compact Marine 3 - 9.5kW

Next Gen's latest introduction into its Ultra Compact Series of Gen Sets. It is the smallest and lightest in its size range. Perfectly suited to vessels needing Big Power with Light Weight.

Ultra Compact Marine 3.5kW

Traditional direct-coupled 1,800 rpm gen-sets are often too large and heavy to fit in many small to medium-sized vessels where space is at a premium. Using a patent-pending design, Next Generation Power Engineering, Inc. offers an ultra-compact, lightweight 3.5KW diesel machine that doesn't resort to the current trend of high speed 3,600 rpm operation.

Ultra Compact Marine 5.5kW

Many boaters want a gen-set but have limited space aboard their craft. A new 5 kW diesel gen-set can solve this problem, as it boasts the shortest length of any 5 kW unit on the market.

Keel Cooled Marine

NEXT Generation's KEEL cooled marine gen-sets are designed to be the most rugged commercial duty gen-sets on the market. Constructed of only the finest quality components these gen-sets will provide the longest life spans in the most rugged of environments.

Heat Exchange Cooled 6.5 to 32kW

Next Generation Power, distributor for Phasor Marine.

Marine Installations

Next Generation Power, marine installations.


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